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Purdy's Brunch Menu

'The Kitchen's Share' ~ A 4% surcharge will be added to all food items from our kitchen in an effort to ensure that our talented chefs are well supported at this time. The Kitchen Share charge is not a gratuity, it is not purported to be a gratuity and it is not distributed to the service staff as a gratuity. 'The Kitchen Share' is used by Purdys to pay increased wages to our back of house staff.
Fries On The Side
Raw Bar
East Coast
West Coast
From Our Farm Today: 
lettuce, frisee, radish & hakurei, cucs & carrots, squash, peaches & pears, tomatoes & chilies, oregano & sage, chives & rosemary, cilantro & blue basil, beans & potatoes, strawberries, kale

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